Classic wooden boats need to be understood: with head, heart and hand

Two dynasties once established the legend of sports motorboats made of wood: Christopher C. Smith, his son Jay and grandson Harsen shaped the legendary "Chris-Crafts" from the beginning of the 20th Century in the USA. In Europe it was Ernesto Riva, his son Serafino and grandson Carlo who wrote boatbuilding history on Lago d'Iseo. We have followed in these admittedly large footsteps by specialising our boatyard in the restoration of old wooden classic boats. Not only Chris-Crafts and Rivas, but anything that is made of wood and has a motor (unfortunately we don't deal with sailing boats).

Restoration of classic motorboats made of wood

Anyone who owns a classic boat will want to retain its often considerable value without compromising on its suitability for daily use. We fulfil not only these two basic needs, but others, too, with virtuosity:

Fairness and expertise

Only those who understand their trade can really be fair partners. It requires a whole load of expertise and experience to be able to correctly assess the condition of a wooden boat. You have to understand the old construction principles while at the same time knowing precisely the possibilities and limitations of the materials used. We are not a cheap boatyard. But we will serve you in every case respectfully and treat you as an equal. And the result is always worth the price.

Originality and instinct

It's about value retention where classic motorboats are concerned. And not just in terms of euros, francs or dollars. The material worth is just one of many. Without wishing to get esoteric: it's also about the soul of a boat. However, a sense of style, suitability for daily use and durability are equally important. That requires a great deal of experience and a "nose" for creative and pragmatic ideas – in case an original part simply cannot be found. You get all of that from us.

Structure and body

A motorboat made of solid wood is a complex thing. And believe us when we say that these things hold many a surprise in store. We know the respective weak points and how to tackle them without causing further damage. We are intimate connoisseurs of the secrets of wood. It often depends on the little things. No two tree trunks of the same type of wood are identical. You can save yourself a lot of surprises if you know what you're doing, as we do. The only thing that will surprise you with us is the quality of the result.

Surfaces and finish

Once the structure of the boat is sound beyond all doubt once again, we take care of the finish with the same passion. After all, you drive a classic boat not least because of its charisma! The aaahh and ooohh effect is guaranteed with us: with highly polished surfaces, glinting chrome and durable stainless steel. And our upholstery work is peerless. We use only the best materials and work with methods that meet the highest demands.

Technology and equipment

Whether purist or pragmatist: we find a suitable solution for every owner. However, even we have our limits. We won't commit crimes against the soul of a venerable classic boat. That said, we aren't more Catholic than the Pope either. For safety reasons or in order to meet strict permit regulations we have developed a whole series of tricks with which modern technology can be integrated unobtrusively into the overall concept of a classic boat. Even the old swashbucklers Smith and Riva would be astounded!

Magic and passion

We aren't magicians, although sometimes you might think that strange forces have been at work. Our passion, coupled with craftsmanship and our uncompromising concept of quality often produce astounding results. At the end of the day we are only satisfied if a little of our passion rubs off on you as the owner of a freshly restored boat. No hocus pocus and no monkey business, yet somehow still magical.

Florian Graf

Bootsbau & Restaurationen
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