Graf Ipanema


If, like us, you are boatbuilders with heart and soul, then you have one big dream: to build your own boat and put into practice all the ideas that you have developed over the years. Because we have always set ourselves a particular standard, we have gone one step further: We regard the "Graf Ipanema" as the continuation of a tradition begun by the boatbuilding families Smith and Riva: classic wooden boats with no compromises.

CONSTRUCTION HISTORY: Attuned to craftsmanship from head to toe

The "Graf Ipanema" rigorously follows the principle of classic boatbuilding. Nothing is left to chance. Not in the choice of materials, not in the construction principle, and certainly not in the implementation. In the boatyard we work exclusively with traditional tools. Our experienced boatbuilders move expertly between precision and intuition. And in so doing they get the best out of the wood. For limitless fun on the water.

DETAILS: We have a weakness for perfection. Especially where details are concerned

A perfect hand-crafted hull is one thing. But the special flair and distinctiveness are only created with the fond details. Fittings of chrome-plated brass, a masterpiece of a windscreen, sparkling upholstery work, instruments and switches as a visual and haptic experience. We have the vast majority of the equipment details manufactured lovingly and individually in select factories especially for the "Graf Ipanema". Only in this way can true pride of ownership be created.

TECHNOLOGY: It's easy to stay cool when you've power in reserve

The motorisation of the "Graf Ipanema" leaves nothing to be desired. Whether single-motor with Z-drive for the pragmatist, or twin-motor with shaft drive for the purist, whether diesel or petrol: acceleration, running smoothness and top speed are peerless in every case. We install state of the art steering and instruments – although admittedly that shouldn't be visible on a classic boat. Anyway, you only get stranded with the "Graf Ipanema" when you want to!

DESIGN: A man who knows his trade

"No compromises" was the principle for the planning and construction of the "Graf Ipanema" from the very beginning. We then also gained one of the grand old men of motorboat design as a partner in Winfried H. Wilke. Some of the most trendsetting designs for timeless motorboats originated from his design office "Yacht Design International" in Kassel. Unfortunately, Wilke has now passed away. However, he left us with an aesthetically and functionally convincing work in the shape of the "Graf Ipanema".

EQUIPMENT: The love is in the details

When building classic wooden boats, some people succumb all too easily to the temptation to compromise under the surface. That is not the case with the "Graf Ipanema". We continue our uncompromising striving for the optimum with the equipment, too. For instance, the most noble of materials can be found even in the berth. Everything impresses through complete perfection. We also accommodate special wishes gladly and with virtuosity. The table, for example, is good for a surprise, hiding as it does within its interior a clever piece of joinery and four champagne flutes for a luxurious drink. By the way, an elaborately integrated cooler ensures the correct drinking temperature. So: "A votre santé!"

Florian Graf

Bootsbau & Restaurationen
Mühlenstr. 14
87739 Breitenbrunn


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