DREAMS: as individual as yourself

Classic motorboats made of wood are something quite special. They testify to a sense of style and independence, in fact we would even go so far as to say: grandeur! If you want to dot the i in individuality, you've come to the right place.

IMAGINATION: If you can imagine it, then we can build it

Sometimes the imagination just needs a little shove. That's why we have thought a little in advance. Based on the design for the "Graf Ipanema", we have finished plans for two Ipanema variants – both of them with same length of 9.05 metres by the way. That shouldn't restrict you, though. If it's a boat, is to be made of wood, have a motor and be really good, then we should get to know each other!

HARDTOP: Almost like on the Canale Grande

Sometimes you want a little more protection or privacy. Based on the closed water taxis in Venice, we have a hardtop variant up our sleeves. The interior equipment can be designed to suit the customer's wishes. The hardtop has a panorama glass sliding roof and side windows. The frame construction is – of course – wooden. The sliding roof can be retracted automatically to make it easier to board the boat - or to enjoy the sunshine.

WALKAROUND: Classic with a touch of jazz

We have something for those who like to surround themselves with guests and offer them a special experience: a communicative and practical walkaround. The helmstand in the middle not only gives the coxswain a better overview, it also creates space for a communicative get-together. Whether as a classic bathing boat or as a tender: leisure fun and practicality on the one hand and elegance and exclusivity on the other merge to form a perfect unit here. Here too, we accommodate all special requests.


Florian Graf

Bootsbau & Restaurationen
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87739 Breitenbrunn


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